Tutoring: A missed opportunity

Tutoring: A missed opportunity

Taraya Edwards, Staff Reporter

As the bell rings at the end of the school day, many people leave feeling stressed. You think about Algebra and formulas, then you exhale loudly. You walk out the building and know that you will struggle with your homework for hours. This is a problem that students go through daily. However, there is a solution that has been offered by every UACHS teacher yearly, which is tutoring. 

Teachers are available for tutoring before or after school on select days for any student that needs extra help. They provide a time and a weekday where they come early or stay late to help students who are having trouble in the class. For the kids that need the extra help, the tutoring can be very beneficial to their grades. The students should utilize these hours when they are in danger of failing, but they do not.

Freshman teacher, Lisa Sambula has tutoring every Tuesday after school and she barely sees students. 

“I only tutor one day a week, but I do not get anybody at all unless I make their attendance mandatory,” said Sambula. 

Although teachers offer tutoring, students are not always available to attend after school sessions. Many students may have after school responsibilities, such as caring for siblings or working. Getting extra help should be a priority but that may be difficult for the students who need it, but are busy. A UACHS student, Christie Fabien, has been struggling in Honors Geometry but cannot go to tutoring sessions due to familial responsibilities.

“If my mom did not need me to watch my baby sister, I would attend tutoring, ” said Fabien. 

Though some students cannot make it to tutoring sessions, the ones who can, have good experiences with it. The extra help has benefited everyone who gave it a chance. According to collegexpress.com, “Tutored students had higher pass rates than non-tutored students in every class examined…” Students have seen significant improvement with tutoring, including the students in the UACHS building. 

A struggling UACHS freshman, Zeon Parilla, believes that attending tutoring is actually helpful.

“I go to tutoring often for Algebra I,” said Parilla. “It honestly helped me with my test scores and grades.” 

Taking advantage of the hours allotted for tutoring is heavily recommended. Your teachers are willing to take the time to work with you to get you the help you need. You should not take that for granted.