Editorial: Issue 3; 2021-2022

Hannah Ortiz, Editor in Chief

Two minutes behind. We are expected to be on time to class, but the bell is always late. Trying to push through people, squeezing through the one set of stairs, racing against the bell. With students leaving before they are allowed to and teachers repeating themselves saying to wait. The stress of getting work done, while being masked and in uniform is enough to make anyone crazy. 

Time will not stop. It is a never ending cycle of trying to organize insane chaos. This takes a toll on all of our mental health, students and teachers alike. When it comes to how much we can take everyday, there should be breaks available. There needs to be a better method to fix the madness.

It feels almost as if there’s nothing to do about the ongoing problems lingering throughout the school. Most of the time, they’re swept under the rug or postponed in the hopes of everyone forgetting. There are too many things to fix and everyone’s trying to fix them all at once, without ever coming up with a solid solution. There’s always too much of something, or not enough. There’s never a balance when it comes to school. 

As a student that goes to UACHS, you are expected to finish your homework, participate in extracurricular activities , and somehow make a difference in your community. How can we focus on that, with every distraction coming our way and into the classroom? There is a certain line that shouldn’t be crossed but it continues to be overstepped daily. 

As students, there is nothing more we can do about the things going on in our school then to bring problems to the administration’s attention. However, even that sometimes does not feel like enough. Both students and staff should come upon an agreement on what problems are relevant throughout the school. There needs to be a change, soon.