Valentines day: Not just for couples


Dresdene Smith, Staff Reporter

Valentine’s day is one of the most cringe-worthy holidays around, which is why it is often the holiday that misfortune follows. Even being on social media is a hassle on Valentine’s day. From people talking about how they want to throw themselves in front of buses because of jealousy, to people blocking each other over seeing the smallest show of affection towards another person; there’s no escape. There are many holidays that make others let out a collective groan every once in a while, but this one takes the cake. 

Valentine’s day is supposedly the one day of the year where you can express your love for someone, even the cheesiest couples on the verge of a break up can get back together during Valentine’s week. In reality it is not as shiny and hearty as everyone claims it to be. Expensive gifts being bought for something that possibly won’t last, lovey dovey couples causing a mess in the hallways, the list goes on. How corny is that? Possibly the most common reason why this cringey day gets so much hate is because of the unnecessary attention the day receives, and honestly it’s for a good reason.

The thought of not getting gifts that are expensive or meaningful enough can really put a strain on the people in said relationships. A person who would like to remain anonymous has had to deal with the pressure of not being able to buy their significant other the “perfect” gift. 

I was thinking of it as a top priority and couldn’t think about anything else,” Anonymous said. “I couldn’t even focus on what I needed to mainly focus on.” 

This is exactly why many schools have now removed anything that has to do with Valentine’s day off of their celebration lists. According to the New York Post, Valentines Day was removed from districts in Michigan because of it being too inclusive. “The celebration was dropped because of concerns over hurt feelings by kids in families who don’t want them to participate.”

 Everyone knows that Valentine’s day is mainly about relationships. With that being said, jealousy sparks because of this. The feeling of not being in a relationship usually hurts most students, but since when was Valentine’s day just about relationships? Helen Fuentes, junior at UACHS, thinks Valentine’s day is a holiday where it shouldn’t revolve around only couples. 

“Many people think that it’s a holiday just for relationships when it’s about love in general,” Fuentes said. “I plan on giving my mother and sisters flowers on Valentine’s day.”

Valentine’s day is more than just worrying about your date and what kind of chocolates they like. It’s a holiday where you could finally show how much you love and appreciate the people in your life and honestly it should stay that way.