Starbucks at our corner


Amy Espin, Staff Reporter

One of the biggest coffee chains in the world is within our reach. A property spot right across a building complex on Route 440 is the landing spot for a new Starbucks. After two years of planning this, it is now here, opening day was January 11, 2022. Located between Ege and North Avenue in Jersey City, a brand new Starbucks is now within walking distance.

UACHS senior, Alexa Lucius, is overwhelmed with excitement for the opening because of how Starbucks is now more accessible to her.

 “I’m excited for it to open up,” said Lucius. “I love it because it is closer to me and it’s better than going all the way downtown for it.”

Starbucks has several stores in Jersey City, but they are mainly walk-in locations in the downtown area. Nonetheless there are very few drive-thru Starbucks, there are only two currently in Hudson County. There has not been one built anywhere near the Greenville or West Side area until now. Being that this Starbucks is drive-thru accessible, it takes advantage of Route 440 being one of the top traveled roads in Jersey City. 

But there might not be such a bright side to this new location. A senior from Snyder, Leyla Suarez is someone who drives, she believes it will not be fun having to deal with the traffic that Starbucks will be causing.

“Yes, the coffee is cool and all, but I am thinking about how much traffic it will cause, you know? Route 440 is already packed day and night, Starbucks will just add more to that,” said Suarez.

For what most people can say, the community is looking forward to this famous coffeehouse chain moving into our neighborhood.