The trials and tribulations of a teen


Quran Butler, Opinions Editor

Teens post on their social media accounts regarding their mental health daily. Their peers are so accustomed to it that they see no problem with what’s being said. These “relatable” tweets are not the results of smart teens trying to express their opinions online, but the results of teens feeling the need to gasp for air. Why? Teens feel more comfortable telling strangers about their mental health problems is easier than the alternative.

Every kid goes to school having something pressing on their mind. It can be about the usual: family issues, school, or work. However, most of the time, there’s more to it. It is difficult to stay concentrated on lessons with your teachers, when all you can think about is everything but learning. UACHS senior Alexa Lucius, personally understands the effects of having a bad mentality. 

“Any class that has to deal with critical thinking is difficult,” Lucius said. “It is hard to concentrate when all you are thinking about are the things you are going through, instead of the actual lesson.” 

Keeping a positive mindset as a teen is vital. The healthiest way to deal with your mental health is to speak to a professional. If unable to get help outside of school, there is help in school buildings. Speaking to your guidance counselor is a healthy and safe option. You can also find some solace by giving yourself a break and allowing yourself to do some of the things that you love. 

“If you don’t have healthy coping skills then you’re going to exert your frustration on other people and it’s going to get worse for both parties,” Lucius said. “Your mental health doesn’t get better if you ignore it and you allow people to disrupt the peace within yourself.” 

It can be exhausting to keep a good and healthy mental state, and it’s not always 

going to be that way. However, keep in mind that telling someone your feelings is okay. Take the first step towards healing. Whatever you are going through, you are not alone.