It’s back: Science fair 2021


Dresdene Smith, Staff Reporter

Science fairs have been a part of the school system for seventy-nine years and counting. Impressive isn’t it? Throughout those years, science fairs have been extremely bothersome for many students. Students have seen it as an unfair part of their school curriculum, but it seems to have a better purpose than most students realize. Regardless of teachers giving us the difficult task of the science fair every year, they really do have good intentions in doing so. 

A science fair is a place for students to present their science projects to professional scientists and to the community. Its main purpose is to get you excited by competing rather than simply learning about it. Students should be able to explain their projects and answer questions. The science fair also includes science activities, where students have an opportunity to see and interact with cool technologies, devices, and scientists. Mrs. Bassil, the biology teacher at UACHS, believes that science fair was made to increase student knowledge when it comes to science. 

“Science fair is held each year of high school to increase the knowledge of science among students,” said Bassil. “It also allows our winners to participate in the stem showcase, which takes place at Liberty Science Center every year.” 

So what is there not to like about the science fair after hearing the benefits? Science deals with problem solving. Students often view problem solving as difficult and very hard to comprehend. It’s as if as soon as they hear the word SCIENCE fair, their brains just immediately shut down. For this reason alone they tend to dislike science as a subject because they think that dealing or studying it will not change anything. 

“Science fair requires effort, time, and research,” said Bassil. “Students don’t usually like things that require this.” 

Besides the usual difficulties that come with anything scientific, finding a suitable project is also difficult for these students. 

When it comes to choosing a good science project, there are a lot of risks as well as notable challenges that one must take to “win.” Teachers usually pressure students when it comes to choosing an actual good topic. It always has to be the students’ grade level or a higher grade level if they can handle the challenge, but that’s all for a good reason. Students may think that a science fair is a waste of time, and money, but it has its good uses. 

“It allows students to work on a topic and do a lot of research. It also helps students better the world and contribute to science.” said Bassil.

To those participating in the science fair, good luck and thank you for your contribution to science.