Aurora is ready to explore UACHS


Janel Paredes, Staff Reporter

Binny Aurora, coming from northern India into urban New Jersey, is excited to teach  Algebra I, Statistics, and Selected Topics in Mathematics to the eager to learn students of UACHS. 

Aurora has much love for the subject she teaches and is happy she found the place to share her passion with the next generations that follow. When starting her journey to find her career, it did not initially start with teaching. 

“Initially I was working towards being in IT,” said Aurora. 

Though she was good at IT work, she spent a lot of her time tutoring which led to her love for teaching. 

“I have always been tutoring, or just helping kids with their math homework,” said Aurora.

While tutoring, Aurora was exposed to substitute teaching. She liked the experience so much more than tutoring. She decided to pursue teaching permanently and made it her goal to do what she now knew she really loved.

“The past few years, teaching has only been my plan because I have worked for it wholeheartedly. It is my priority,” said Aurora. 

During the breakout of COVID-19, everyone can agree that quarantine was difficult for all; however, it was helpful to Aurora who was trying to finish school while also taking care of her newborn child. 

“COVID helped me. While I was taking care of my daughter at home, I was still studying, completing my credits, and doing well on all of my exams,” said Aurora. “I was able to get my certification without having to be away from my child.”

Moving to a new country was challenging, but Aurora found her way around and adapted with her family. She has a newfound love for the area she chose to settle in. Since the area has a lot of diversity, she found it easier to adapt comfortably here in New Jersey.

Being that she is new to her area, she was always actively searching for new events and social occasions. She has always had a love for travel so coming to a new country was truly exciting for her. 

“I love exploring and I love traveling to new areas,” said Aurora. 

Aurora loves the new experiences but she does miss her home in India, mostly because of her family and their celebrations together.

“You start to miss the festivals, family gatherings, and just having that support,” said Aurora. 

Although she misses her life back home, she is excited to experience new things and educate and enlighten as many students as she can in UACHS.