In need of school spirit?


Taraya Edwards, Staff Reporter

The idea of high school to most is nothing like our current situation, and with the pandemic changing everything, celebrations are at a serious scarcity. Every student has been through so much in the past couple of years and all they want is to enjoy something. We are begging for any source of fun. For seniors, this is the last year to be with the teachers and friends they have grown to care for, over the past three years. The students need more. 

Every year each grade level has their own trip. The freshmen go to Dave and Busters, the sophomores go to Six Flags, the juniors go to Dorney Park, and the seniors go to the Poconos. Students have started to wonder if these trips are still going to happen as they have gotten no information. 

 Rena Singh, senior and sophomore advisor, says that COVID has been a factor in the lack of information.

“Due to COVID restrictions, there are new protocols,” Singh said. “We have to get all the information before we let the students know of any activities.”

While wondering about the trips. Students also want to know if they are going to have a spirit week. Almost every school in the area has already had their pajama and twin day; everyone is wondering when we are going to get this same opportunity. Thankfully there seems to be a plan for a spirit week in progress. With that, advisors are planning to have some events for UACHS, however, there are some roadblocks in the way.

Singh says that COVID is also affecting the schools relationship with NJCU. 

“We usually have a pep rally every year but, because of COVID restrictions the college wants every student that enters the school to be vaccinated so we may have to find a new venue,” Singh said.  

UACHS is a sibling school to NJCU which means that the school borrows their spaces. The students have to follow whatever rules NJCU creates, like the vaccination mandate. Not all students are vaccinated so there is a struggle to find a place to hold all these activities that students want. 

Although not everything is confirmed, there are a few things that seem likely to happen. The seniors will have a Christmas movie night on December 17th. There will be snacks and you will be allowed to wear pajamas during the movie. There will also be a lock in for juniors on a date not yet revealed. For our freshman and sophomores do not lose hope, the designated advisors are working on something nice for you guys as well. 

The pandemic has caused immense stress for everyone, knowing that there are things in the works to save students from the boredom and lackluster life of living in the COVID era, allows for a sliver of hope to be returned to us.