UACHS Sports: The Comeback


Frankfelix Santana, Staff Reporter

From all day zooms, staying home, and most importantly not having sports, we can all say we’ve had a weird past year. Thankfully things are finally getting back to normal, including sports restarting. 

Uachs was one of the many schools who shut down their sports teams in New Jersey, and with the return of them also comes the return of tryouts. Eduardo Candelario, UACHS junior, will be trying out for baseball in the spring. He is excited to get back into it.

“It’s been a while, I cannot wait to play again,” said Candelario.

Candelario and many other players have long anticipated that feeling of playing a sport.  Without the sports many players did not know what to do. Being stuck at home was not only hard for the athletes, but also allowed them to get out of shape. 

“I felt weird because I was stuck at home all day and got really out of shape,” said Candelario.

Sports are very valuable when it comes to keeping students healthy so their comeback is beneficial. However, there are currently not many athletes that are willing to participate in sports in UACHS right now due to the fear of catching the COVID-19 virus. Joshua Sosa, a freshman, is scared to play sports because the risk of getting COVID, does not outweigh the benefit of playing sports. 

“I’m unsure if I would join sports because I’m not trying to get sick and get my family sick and be quarantined for a long time,” said Sosa. 

Not many people are interested in joining due to the reason that they do not want to get sick. People that are talented have the opportunity to return to the sports that they are good at. Student athletes in our school can get the opportunities for scholarships that they missed last year with sports being closed. This year our talented scholars at UACHS can make a comeback and again play the sports they enjoy. Let’s get out there and win some games!