Paulino is Heaven Sent


Amy Espin, Staff Reporter

Raised in a catholic home, Lilliana Paulino grew up spreading the knowledge of God. Administering services is something Paulino is passionate about, but her love for teaching is something that cannot be matched. This year, Paulino joined the UACHS family as a Spanish teacher.  

A wrong turn in the summer gave her a chance at a new school. While literally ending up on the wrong street, from her usual route, she spotted UACHS and the school caught her interest right away. She immediately called for a position. Luckily, our school was in need of a Spanish teacher and Paulino was in need of a good job.

“I am here for a purpose,” said Paulino. 

Paulino started her career as a Spanish teacher in 2014, at Great Futures Charter. After her school was closed down she moved to another school, and then took a gap year to take care of her child. After this brief hiatus, she decided to return to teaching. Having found UACHS, she believes it was chosen for her. 

“I believed God guided me here,” said Paulino.

As a kid, Paulino’s passion was music, she started off with the piano. She has played classical piano since she was 12. She loved it so much, and went to college majoring in music.

“Coming from school and going directly to the conservatory of music, that was all my life in the Dominican Republic,” said Paulino. 

She studied the piano and learned how to play classical music with it. Her college life revolved all around her music education. Unfortunately, when Paulino immigrated here to the US in 2003, she had to immediately start working, so she could not complete her major in music. 

“Music education requires you to be there 24/7, piano performance was a lot and I didn’t have the time,” said Paulino.

Like many teachers, Paulino came upon her desire to teach because she was inspired by one of her professors.

“Back in high school, I had this biology teacher, he was amazing. He would teach us so well, we learned and did great,” said Paulino. 

That one teacher made such a big impact on her, she made it a goal for herself to teach her future classes as well as he did. While juggling her personal life, being a mom, and preaching in services, she manages to provide the best for her students.

“This is one of the schools where the students are respectful. I really like it so far. I love it and I cannot complain,” said Paulino. 

 As of right now Paulino is enjoying her time in UACHS and is continuing the year with a welcoming mind set.