From the Afc to Metro Field and Hepburn Hall; There is no Consistency


Taraya Edwards

From dramatic walks on the sweaty hot days to the dreadful treks on snowy cold days, the AFC has always been our gym classes’ haven. John J. Moore Athletics and Fitness, better known to students as the AFC, is the gym at NJCU. This is where students had their physical education classes for many years. Students spend close to an hour getting their physical activity in for the day whilst having a good time with friends. 

The school has used the AFC since 2013. UACHS coaches have tried to discover why the school’s access has been revoked. Christopher Pruden, current Physical Education teacher at UACHS, says this issue stems from availability issues with NJCU.

“Essentially, the time that we are using the gym, between 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM, is now allotted to their athletes,” Pruden said. “They rescheduled their athletes’ practices and they have not been able to schedule us back in.”

It is a weather dependent situation, with the moody weather. When it rains the field gets muddy and it makes it impossible to do the things the gym teachers are expecting of the students. Along with this mud issue, students also have to thoroughly watch their step as there is geese feces all over the place.

 “If the field is wet, poorly treated, or unclean, it makes it hard to get into the class activities,” Pruden said. 

Students have expressed concerns about what we will do when the colder seasons fall upon us. Pruden believes we will be outside regardless of the chill. 

“You will most likely either be in the back, or at Metro Field. Students have been prepared to walk to the field as long as it is not actively precipitating,” Pruden said. “During the severe weather, we will be staying in the classrooms that are available, or we will have to stay in the MPR.”

Everyday students have complained about the muddy field, and they have finally gotten a much needed response. Starting October 19, 2021, the gym classes were moved to the NJCU college theater. Students have to walk up the long hill, as well as three flights of stairs, then when they finally do arrive at the theater, there are only a few minutes of class activity. 

With this temporary solution in place all UACHS students hope that a more permanent and less extreme solution will occur. Throughout the thick and thin of the rotation of our gym spot, UACHS students will have to rely heavily on the people in charge and more uncertainty in our school is likely to come.