Don’t fear summer is here, it’s everything we missed last year.


Kaylin Khusial

With the weather warming up, so are spirits as a variety of restaurants and establishments are re-opening! Outdoor and indoor dining, along with curbside pickup perhaps, is available extensively throughout the city. This summer it is encouraged to go out and partake in fresh sights while remaining safe and protected. Bowling, go-kart racing and archery can all be thrilling as you have fun spending quality time doing quality things. Along with various parks and monumental attractions scattered around the perimeter and artwork at every turn, summer 2021 can be an eventful one. 

Jersey City is well known for its diversity; and corresponsive developments as well. With that being said, there are plenty of food options throughout the city, regardless of how picky you might be. There are a plethora of food choices and desserts from many different cultures. 

Downtown Yogurt- 126 Newark Ave (Frozen yogurt with various toppings) TO

Light Rail Cafe- 235 Randolph Ave EI

Just Beclaws- 280 1st Street EI

Bonchon Jersey City- 172 Newark Ave EI

Bang Cookies- 1183 Summit Ave & 128 Newark Ave TO

Laico’s- 67 terhune ave DI

Taqueria Downtown- 236 Grove Street DI

Crepe Guru- 110 Bright Street DI


Jersey City carries a creative aura, and as a result the art is an accurate representation of that. Any corner you turn, you see some type of graffiti or murals. Sometimes you can enjoy the beauty of the valuable hidden things for no price at all. However, museums and galleries are also open for visitation these upcoming months.

This community is also home to various attractions and monuments that can be enjoyed year-round. From the waterfronts to the parks, there is always something to do or somewhere to see. With a view like no other, there is much to appreciate throughout the city.

Sometimes there is more than just fun in the sun, and there are a few pinpoint activities to engage with these upcoming months. Whether you like to be adventurous, or are more on the calm side, there is something for everyone.

With Jersey City across the river from New York, it is pretty convenient to catch the train and take a trip. Go somewhere new and different without having to travel that far. Perhaps, a boat ride in the Hudson River might be more ideal.

The city may feel too small or too vast perhaps, but it never fails to be eventful. Even when there is nothing going on, there is something going on. With a lot of places being shut down due to the pandemic, places are finally starting to recover, and life is slowly gaining color again. Make the most of what is in front of you, any of these can be great choices this summer. 

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