A (Wo)man’s Best Friend

Kaylin Khusial

Laying in my full sized bed, I sometimes feel cornered. I have a big head snuggled into my stomach. A furry butt is in my face. His arm, or leg you can say, is wrapped around me as we struggle to find air underneath these warm covers. I cuddle back and throw my leg over the big beast, just for the comfort of it. I wouldn’t want this any other way. My dog is my best friend. 

  One can often ponder what life has to offer. However, there are many things that the universe grants us in its nature, and one of those things are animals. Whether it’s a bird singing sweet songs or your dog crying for a French fry, pets can make our lives a tad bit better.

No matter what we have endured in our everyday lives; we get home and can count on a cold nose, a yowl, or a scurry to greet us at the door. Our pets are our unconditional companions and do more for us than just let us pet them.

Our pets make us happy and lift burdens off our shoulders as they relieve our stress, which has been scientifically proven.

An informative article on helpguide.org suggests that, “People with pets have lower blood pressure in stressful situations than those without pets. One study even found that when people with borderline hypertension adopted dogs from a shelter, their blood pressure declined significantly within five months.”

When it seems as though nobody gets you, your pet does. They know when you are happy, they know when you are sad and they can read the way you feel by your body language and actions. 

When you have a pet, being alone is not much of a problem if you have their energy around you all day. Animals are extraordinarily ideal companions. They provide such beneficial relationships because they fulfil the most basic human needs; touch and love. From simply giving your pet the unconditional love you drown them in, you can be relieving some of your own tensions.

Pets are not only beneficial to our mental health, but can astonishingly improve physical health, social skills, and even some health conditions. Animals can be of service to those with disabilities, aiding in everyday functions that can become difficult. In exchange, we provide pets with the same companionship they bring to the table.

According to cdc.gov, pets “can increase opportunities to exercise, get outside, and socialize. Regular walking or playing with pets can decrease blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels.”

Pets are more than animals because of the extensive care they require, just like children. An amazing benefit of having pets is the developmental growth of their growing brains. With positive effects on the mind, important skills are built that can aid in the real world.

They give us purpose; give us something to live for and something to look forward to everyday. In caring for them, we are more active as we move around to tend to their needs. With increased exercise, not only are you treating your body better, but you are also boosting your mood and relieving depression.

Destiny Burgos, junior at UACHS, loves her pet companions that give her joy.

“Pets provide me happiness and a way to keep myself busy and to prevent boredom. I believe pets can help with depression depending on how severe the person’s depression is,” said Burgos.   

Pets can be equally significant in value to both adults and children. They help us to develop skills. They train our minds to adapt to routines and specific structures throughout the day. Our confidence and self-esteem is boosted as we gain respect for living things.

Health Benefits of Pet Ownership from vet.osu.edu explains the mutual correlation between animals and humans in regards to a beneficial relationship. “When a child has a good relationship with their pet, the animal will encourage: cognitive stimulation, improved behavior in children, heightened understanding of others, increased immunity, lower anxiety levels, etc.”

When considering a pet addition to your household, it is important to consider a few aspects. Take into consideration how old and how big your pet companion can grow.  Make sure that pets are allowed in your home. You wouldn’t want to get one and then have to either give him to someone else or take them to a shelter because you can’t keep or take care of him. 

Pets are a responsibility and need to be cared for and fed. Just like we get lonely, they get lonely too and should not be left alone for extensive periods of time. Just like us, pets need medical care and trips to the doctor. Certain animals require shots in order to ensure health. It is important as an owner to protect your own health and ensure nobody in your family is allergic to said animals. Sometimes, we have to love animals from a distance

It is quite interesting how we, as people, go out into the world everyday, make new connections, go to new places and try new things. Pets, on the other hand, do not know a life beyond their owners. We, the owners, are their life. And pets, make our lives just a little more complete.

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