Gianna Vazquez and Hannah Ortiz

There are plenty of uncertainties and questions that are still hanging in the air. For instance, “Will we be in person next year? If we are, will it last?” And once we’re back, “What will it be like? As the year is coming close to an end the questions are mounting and we are still not sure if we will receive the answers to these questions. 

This school year has been an emotional rollercoaster, first going up then going down, then spinning and turning every which way. The only difference now, is that we’ve found the controls to the roller coaster and we’re slowly starting to figure out how everything works. We’ve had to unlearn our old routines and make new ones. We are saying goodbye to this year, to the seniors, and to the teachers leaving; all through a screen. While some schools have already ended and have started their summer, our school is still in session. With the weather changing, everyone is itching to get outside and away from their laptops. Is there room for blame? We’re all deprived of Vitamin D and the intoxicating smell of sunscreen. People can’t wait to jump in their bathing suits and enjoy this hot weather, but the fun in the sun will have to wait a few more weeks.

The end of this year seems to be the most stressful. Teachers are still assigning and still grading and students are waking up from hibernation. Everyone is cramming and rushing to complete all their assignments, to finally be free of this year and move on to the next. Whether it’s projects, exams, missing assignments, or upcoming assignments; the workload is coming fast and furious and we’re all getting run over. 

By this time next month we will finally be rid of all that and will be able to focus on our summer plans. Let’s get these last minute emails asking for extra credit done, so we can start this pending summer. Hopefully we will be back next year sitting at our own desks and having our lives back to normal.