My Lazy Story

Enzo Suarez

On a Sunday night and Monday morning most people will find themselves asleep by three (a.m.), however a typical night for me consists of going through my phone, wasting time, doing anything I possibly can, BESIDES my work that is due in less than five hours. I am usually just sitting there with my document open with one sentence on the page.

This has been a year of many things for almost everyone; struggle, hard work, perseverance, and for some, becoming the best versions of themselves. However, for myself this year has been littered with emptiness, procrastination, loneliness and most notably, laziness. Some teachers call it junioritis or even a junior slump. Some students blame it on quarantine, but I am willing to take accountability and realize that the situation I have put myself in multiple times this year is my own fault.

I have made more goals this year than I have been able to meet. I understand that many of you reading this may also be dealing with extreme cases of procrastination and slumps of laziness. Now you might not want to take advice from me, but I do think that I have advice that may be beneficial and I am willing to share it. Keep in mind that the information throughout this story I am trying to follow myself as well.

The most important part of breaking any bad habits or getting out of lazy slumps is creating a routine. You can set alarms, make breakfast, exercise, and even make short term goals that you know can be done. A change that I have recently made to my routine was beginning to ride my bike around the park. Ever since I started to do this I have seen myself get more productive with my work.

Other advice I can offer is deleting your social media. Quite often it is the root cause of distraction. In the beginning, as soon as you delete your social media you are going to want to download it right back. However, the longer you stick it out, you won’t miss it as much because you will be using your time more efficiently.

My laziness this year has been a force to be reckoned with. At times I succeed, while other times I fail miserably like the idle stylus on a page. Like with all things, being aware that it’s a problem can lead to you successfully getting rid of it. However, as the year dwindles down I find myself still struggling to submit.