NFL Draft: Next man up

Enzo Suarez

Children all around the country dream of this moment, NFL Draft Night. Every kid who wants to make it to the big leagues works everyday of their life just for the opportunity to make this dream become a reality. Only the most desperate, most ambitious, most talented and most dedicated will outshine the others. These are the athletes that will be drafted to play professional sports one day. 

The NFL Draft is a system every year that takes place to filter young players into the league to replace old and washed up players. Some of the most entertaining college football players will wind up in the league one day and depending on how valuable the league sees them is how high they will be drafted. Often players from the draft are used to make a team better. 

Not only is this night a special night for the players who have worked for this moment their whole life, it is a special moment for the fans as well. The fans get to experience the initiation of the players that will make plays and win games for their team. Junior, Bilal Mazhar loves to follow the careers of players who get drafted to see their future success. 

“My favorite part about draft night is that I get to see all these amazing players go to NFL teams and see how their futures turn out,” Mazhar said.

Teams in the NFL can spend months scouting prospects for the draft and that shows the value of this one day in sports. Mazhar believes that the NFL Draft is important to the league because it gives teams the chance to get better over the years.

“Weaker NFL teams that need improvements have the opportunity to become better and fill in the gaps they need during the draft,” Mazhar said.

Looking back at last year’s NFL Draft there were many talented players that were selected to change the course of some franchises around the league. Senior, Xavier Spann, had a personal favorite prospect that turned out to be very helpful to their team over the course of the previous season.

“My favorite prospect was Joe Burrow and I believed he performed exceptionally as he promised,” Spann said. “He said he was going to change the Bengals for the better and he did.”

The NFL Draft this year has reloaded with many players with superstar potential in the league. Through simple scouting, or watching players games, any average fan can learn who they want their favorite team to select in the draft. Spann has two favorite prospects based on what type of player his team needs and based on the style of another.

“I like the style of Travis Etienne because of how he plays running back and my favorite team needs a running back,” Spann said. “I like Devonta Smith because he is super clutch and performs when it’s time to step up.”

No matter what team you support, I hope that this season will be great. Hopefully there are many talented players to be added into the league through the draft this year, so that we could all have a fun and exciting season to watch with friends and family.