Marvel Reels in Generations with their Spiderverse

Marvel Reels in Generations with their Spiderverse

Amy Espin

Countless people can state that they have grown up around Marvel Entertainment whether it was the comics or the movies. Some Marvel classics are Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, The Avengers, and Black Panther. Along with the classics are our Marvel superheroes who are timeless for us, like Spider-Man. Marvel has recently released the official title of the upcoming Spider-Man movie, it is called Spider-Man: No Way Home. It is no secret that this movie is attracting a larger audience than usual. Why is it attracting a bigger audience? There are various theories and rumors of what and who is going to partake in the movie.

One of the rumors is that all three Spidermen will be appearing in Spider-Man: No Way Home. The other part of the rumor is that Peter Parker will get lost in the Spiderverse, and will have no way home as the title suggests. The possibility of this story being true is causing it to draw in more viewers. UACHS junior, Marwa Shehata is one of the fans that are stirred to see what happens in the movie due to gossip. 

“I heard that there might be a possibility with all three Spider-Man’s, but even if they aren’t, Marvel movies are always so good,” said Shehata. 

If the gossip of all three Spidermen, showing up in this movie winds up being true, it will pull generations of Marvel fans because they are all from different times. Spiderman movies go back to the early 2000’s – present day. So fans from the early 2000s might be curious about how this movie will play out and how it ties into the Spiderverse. This expands the age range of who will be watching Spider-Man: No Way Home. UACHS senior, Alyssa Gamlanga, believes repeating the role of previous actors in early Spiderman movies will get attention.

“There are also some other actors from previous Spidey films reprising their roles, which also attracts earlier generations of Marvel fans,” said Gamlanga. “I already know the movie theaters are going to be a combination of Marvel fans from different generations and a bunch of teenage girls who are there for Tom Holland. No offense if you only watch them for Tom Holland, I don’t blame you.”

UACHS senior, Aeden Africa is excited about the upcoming movie but says we should keep our expectations to a minimum with the rumors. 

“I think everyone would like to see all three come together, but a lot of the time Marvel fans will overthink rumors and spin crazy theories that create unrealistic expectations. I do think they’ll show up, but until then we should probably keep our expectations down.” said Africa. 

All around Marvel fans are riled up and are waiting to see what Spider-Man: No Way Home brings to the table in December 2021.