Do YOU Need Remote Tutorial?

Do YOU Need Remote Tutorial?

Hannah Ortiz

Students log on their computers everyday, get to class and do their work. After the last class of the school day, it is finally the time to relax or do your assignments. Right? WRONG. 

Every day after the lunch period, students attend remote tutorials to ask their teacher any questions about the lesson or assignment. The problem with this is that the remote lessons are mandatory. While some students do need the help and clarifications, others just don’t and only join for the attendance. 

There are many pros to the remote lessons: you get extra time with the teacher if needed, and you have a better understanding of the material. The cons to remote lessons: students may be busy during that time and receive an absence or tardy, and sometimes it’s unnecessary. Dersheni Singh, junior at UACHS, feels that remote tutorials shouldn’t be required because every student learns differently. 

“Students learn at a different pace and it should only be open to those who need this opportunity to improve on a certain topic or area that is weak in a subject,” Singh said. 

The idea of remote tutorial is not the problem here; it being mandatory is. Let’s say you don’t have any questions and you have a personal matter to handle, if you miss the tutorial then you get an absence as if it were class. Then if the teacher doesn’t change it, you now have imperfect attendance.  

“I think it takes up time because we have assignments to complete. I feel as though it should not be mandatory because sometimes there is a lot going on in our personal life and it is difficult to have good time management,” Singh said.

Some students think the whole thing is just a big waste of time when they could be doing school work. Junior Aaron Indardat, feels that remote tutorial is a bad idea in general and that nobody is benefitting from it. 

“All we do is wait to get attendance, then they ask us if we need help, then all of us say no and then we leave,” Indardat said. 

While the students think the mandatory remote tutorials are a waste of time English teacher, Amina Farah, feels that students should take more advantage of it. There are many ways students can use this to their advantage, especially for the upperclassmen. 

“Now is the time to ask questions and learn more about things you must know for the future. Upperclassmen should start asking questions now and start taking control over their own education,” Farah said. 

Farah also feels that making the tutorials mandatory isn’t effective at all, because you can not make kids want to learn. She thinks that it should be modified in a way so that teachers can have more time in their regular lessons. 

“The tutorials are student driven, you can’t make them learn, they have to take control and want it for themselves. I would rather them give me an extra hour or make my classes longer in order to teach more,” Farah said. 

Overall remote tutorial is a good idea for the students that need it, but it should not be forced on the students that don’t. Students should take charge of their own personal growth and learn what is necessary for them and what is not.