The Forgotten Ones


Gianna Vazquez

This was the year we have all been waiting for. The year of promposals, college tours, making memories, and celebrating the end of a 13 year adventure as we are all about to go our separate ways. It’s the year that is glorified in every movie/tv show, every book, and by everyone who once was a senior. It’s the year we’re supposed to soak in the intoxicating feeling of familiarity and walk around with our head held high because we are the big fish now. Except not this year.

This year we get zoom calls, we get constant messages from teachers reminding us to do work, and we get ‘I know exactly what you’re going through’. How could you possibly know what we’re going through if literally no one else has gone through it before? Class of 2020, had it tough no doubt. They missed out on their prom, senior trip, and graduation, but for the most part they had their senior year. They had their Senior spirit week, their last first day of school, their last football games and basketball games. And as a community, people bent over backwards to make them feel special. They organized parades, had banners, chalked their driveways, left presents on their doorsteps, etc. What do we get?

Adrianna Roberts a senior at UACHS thinks that the least they could do is be a little more lenient with us as they were for the seniors last year. 

“Last year most of the seniors didn’t even have to complete the assignments and they still graduated because everyone felt bad for them but this year they aren’t doing that with us because they think we should just all be used to it already,” Roberts said. 

Now I’m not saying that we should get the world because we missed out on the last year of our childhoods but a little recognition would be nice. Everyone keeps saying at least we have a prom but since they told us very last minute most students have already decided that they aren’t going. I mean who wants to find a date, get outfits and make hair/nail/makeup appointments with just a month’s notice. Especially since most students are scared that it’ll get canceled last minute.  

Jason Torres, a senior here at UACHS, feels as though we shouldn’t try to force the experience now. 

“I’m not really into putting on a suit and everything when we don’t have any other experiences, it doesn’t even feel like we had a school year,” Torres said.

We were just a bunch of children in class and from one zoom to the next we are abruptly adults going to college. This was supposed to be the year we prepared for what’s next but instead we get “join zoom” and  “leave meeting”, It’s like we’re walking into adulthood with blindfolds on and expected to know how to get around.

With that being said congratulations and my condolences to the class of 2021, sorry you were forgotten. *leaves meeting* 

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