These Four Walls


Kaylin Khusial

As the most diverse city in the United States, people travel to this city annually to begin anew. Although the population exceeds a whopping 260,000 as of 2020, according to the World Population Review, it often feels way too small.

Jersey City is my home, but as a young adult destined for more, I know I have bigger things to see, and better places to be. I appreciate my city for harboring my growth throughout the past seventeen years of my life, but maybe it’s time for a change.

I love my city for contributing to my character, because if I were to grow up in a different environment I would have turned out completely different. There are many things to love about our community.

Jersey City is a very diverse community, it’s also very active. You can find walls of graffiti, unique art, and different kinds of foods, as you travel the streets. A junior who would like to remain anonymous offers her input on the benefits of living in Jersey City.

“I love the restaurants that we have here. I also love that there are so many places available to take pictures,” Anonymous said.

Jersey City is full of opportunities and new beginnings. Senior, Nicholas Lewis sees potential in Jersey City and loves his community.

“I believe there are a lot of opportunities in Jersey City,” Lewis said. “There just needs to be a great voice to lead the people of this City.” 

There are many things to love about Jersey City as a home, but the adversities are just as prevalent as the benefits. 

Senior, Jeremiah Daughety was born and raised here, but will not be staying.

“It’s not safe here. People do not care who you are. Over here, they will kill you even if you are just a child,” Daughety said. “When I have kids, they are not being raised over here.”

To some, family is home and they would stay wherever home is. Freshman, Dylan Sookdeo plans on staying in Jersey City.

“I would like to stay here forever because all my family lives here with me,” Sookdeo said. “Jersey City has had great effects on my mental health because living here taught me to always be cautious of my surroundings and never to trust anyone I don’t know.”

Sookdeo believes that there are more things that can improve in our city.

“Some things that can improve are the pay in my opinion. Some people get really low paying jobs and I feel like they work hard and deserve more money than what they are making,” Sookdeo said. 

Senior, Miguel Aguilar is aware of the community, and the good and bad that can come out of it.

“I love how multicultural it is here and how convenient it is to get around, but I also hate how crowded or out of control some places can get,” Aguilar said. “I don’t know if Jersey City itself has had an effect on me, but a lot of things that have happened here did.”

Staying in Jersey City would be like staying in between the same four walls for the remainder of my life. For some people, making it in Jersey City is the finish line, but I believe that staying in Jersey City forever would put a cap on my personal growth and ultimately put a cap on my full potential. Achieving success whether you stay inside or outside of Jersey City is a major accomplishment, considering the circumstances we endure as a community.

You should never feel guilty about doing better for yourself, wherever life takes you. Neither should you allow anybody to affect a decision that corresponds to your personal development and success. 


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