Isolated Teens: The Side Effects of Quarantine


Shyann Cordero

The COVID-19 pandemic stormed through people’s lives affecting millions. However, getting people physically sick is not all that this disease has done. For many, mental and physical health have been damaged. 

People with long term mental health issues are being heavily impacted due to this. Those who used being outside as a coping mechanism, lost the ability to see the people they love and to even interact with others. Those who don’t have the best home life, used school as a scapegoat and now they can’t. This has led to a drop in mental stability.  

One person who has been affected by the quarantine is junior, Kamiya Riley. Not being able to function as she did before has altered her mood and has made her depressed. 

“The pandemic has affected my mental health in multiple ways,” Riley said. “I have been much more emotional and sensitive than I was before.”

Many students can relate to these feelings. Not only are students feeling depressed from not seeing their friends, but their school work is also starting to suffer. 

“I miss being in school because it gave me a reason to get up, go outside, and get some fresh air,” Riley said. “ It also gives me a chance to be interactive again with my classmates.”

 The anniversary of quarantine is in a few weeks, and students are starting to ask themselves; if online school is worsening their mental health and forcing them to not care about their schoolwork? Junior Ineesha Hill, believes it’s a complicated feeling that doesn’t have an easy explanation. 

“Mentally, I feel I would be more motivated if I were to go back to school,” Hill said. “It’s hard to stay focused at times and now more than ever the school work has felt optional.” 

The feelings of not caring about the usual things that teens focus on, has led to many experiencing a sense of hopelessness. Students across the globe are struggling and have considered suicide. 

According to, “New CDC data reveal that almost one in five teens across the nation have seriously considered attempting suicide since quarantine.” This can be from the fact that many are losing the ability to be with their friends. 

Junior Ainslie Goden, believes this pandemic is a big stressor and his most helpful coping mechanisms are no longer available to him.

“It definitely does worsen mental health, the pandemic can stress you out and cause anxiety,” Goden said. “I usually play basketball with my friends and it’s hard to do that socially distanced.” 

Physical health has also been affected by this pandemic. People who did sports as their main source of social activity are now forced to look into other things; due to sports being seen as a pandemic risk. Riley, feels the pandemic is responsible for impacting her body negatively. 

“The pandemic has affected my physical health because I’ve gained some weight and it’s been having a lot of negative outcomes on my body,” Riley said.  “I have been trying to get back into working out because I feel like that would help me feel better about myself mentally and physically.” 

This pandemic has had such a heavy impact on our mental and physical well being; but it is up to us to finally fight back and find our motivation through the things we love. Whether that motivation comes from outside or inside, it is still something to help better our human bodies.