KFC-console: It’s finger licking good


Noah Mitchell

Have you ever wanted to warm up chicken, but don’t want to stop playing your precious video games to do it? Weird scenario, I know, but now it’s possible to do both at the same time.
Back in June of 2020, KFC Gaming, the restaurant-owned gaming company, announced the creation of a brand new gaming console: the KFConsole. While it may not sound special at first, this one is entirely different from the others.
KFC partnered up with computer part company Cooler Master to invent this console. As far as specs go, the graphics is powered by ASUS, while the processor is from Intel. Along with this, the console can hold up to 1 terabytes worth of games (1,000 gigabytes.) You will have the ability to play games in 4K, play VR games, and play games from different platforms. Apart from these features, the most important feature is a built-in chicken chamber.
Now I bet you’re wondering a few things: why in the world would there be a chicken chamber in a gaming console? How does it work? Wouldn’t the grease just mess up the components? I don’t blame you for these thoughts. The frying feature would be thanks to the heat from the system, and the ventilation of the console’s case. As for the grease, it wouldn’t tamper with anything. The chamber would be separated from the major parts of the console.
At first, the world thought this console was only a troll and nothing more. That was until the company confirmed the release through Twitter in December of 2020. While there is no set release date or price yet, this is very much happening. UACHS senior Ethan Edmilao was shocked when he found out about this latest creation.
“I had no idea that KFC would really go through with this, but it sounds interesting. I first found out through the memes around it,” said Edmilao.
This gaming console is making history by being the first ever console to have a built in food warmer. Although it’s hard to believe and may seem strange, there is no denying that it makes you want to test it out for yourself and see how it works.

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