Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


Gianna Vazquez

Over the years Valentine’s Day has become more important than ever. Some people get married, some get engaged, and some are just having a really special moment with their significant other. However, this can sometimes leave the single ladies sad or left out. Well do not fear, galentines is here!
In a 2010 episode of the hit sitcom ‘Parks and Recreation’ they created a way to celebrate the joys of female friends and they called it Galentine’s day. For females who may have watched the episode that may have been something that really caught their attention and some people probably wanted to do it. Galentine’s day has now become a popular tradition of ladies celebrating ladies. Although February 14th is still reserved for those romantic couples February 13th is all about sisterhood.
According to “On February 13, 2020 dozens of women, mostly in their 20s and 30s ascended to a hotel rooftop in Manhattan for brunch… There was just one noted absence: boys. They weren’t allowed.” Valentines focuses on romance which can make some people feel alienated whereas Galentine’s day gives a way more welcoming vibe. It is an event that allows females to take pictures, eat, drink, dance, etc without men being around to judge.
Jaylene Colon, a senior at Ferris high school feels that although she has a boyfriend she will still like to celebrate with her friends as well.
“Although I’m happy that I’m spending Valentine’s day with my boyfriend, a part of me feels as though I’m missing out on the things my friends are doing with each other,” Colon said.
Females everywhere are getting together with their friends to celebrate their friendship. According to, 66% of women buy non-romantic gifts for their friends in February. Some may do it just because, but others do it because it helps them not feel lonely.
Adrianna Roberts, a senior at UACHS, feels that Galentine’s day is a good alternative for the people without a significant other.
“I like the idea of it because it shows you don’t need a special someone to enjoy Valentine’s day,” Roberts said.
Valentine’s day is all about spending that time to celebrate you and your partner, but if you don’t have a partner to spend it with, use Galentine’s day to celebrate you and your girl friends. Instead of moping around needing a significant other, take the time to party and have a few laughs with the group that knows you best. Your friends.


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