A Window For Opportunity

Jemere Shaw

With COVID-19 still in the air, the UACHS administration canceled all winter sports, but left a window of hope allowing students to play for their home school. Recently UACHS athletic director, Michele Bruce, announced that all winter sport athletes would be allowed to play for their home school due to the cancellation of winter sports. With players having to compete for other schools it provides a new environment for all students.
Junior, Jordan Chapman played basketball for the Generals last season and gave an insight on what it’s like playing for another school.
“I feel like it’s a little weird in the beginning because I’m so used to playing for UACHS,” Chapman said. “At the same time it’s a good experience for me and others, playing for another school to make each other better and to learn things on another level.”
Senior, Jeremiah Daughety also played for the Generals basketball team last year and shared his experience. This year he is playing for another school and feels good about the upcoming season.
“It felt good to just be back in the gym and get to practice. It felt good to get back into basketball shape again,” Daughety said.
Although it’s a great opportunity, seniors who spent all their years playing for UACHS won’t get the joy of competing for their school in their last year.
“It’s a bad and good thing. It’s a bad thing because I really wanted to play my last year with UA, but it’s good that I still get to go play basketball for another school so I don’t feel I missed the entire senior experience,” Daughety said.
Even with the new environment, UACHS students still feel comfortable with people outside of our school and feel as if they belong.
“I feel I fit in with the other school because I know people who I grew up with that play on the team and we have a great friendship,” Chapman said.
These athletes may have been able to enjoy the luxury of playing basketball for another school, but that hasn’t been the case for everyone.
Junior Michael Collado wasn’t able to play basketball this year because of the looming threat of COVID-19.
“My parents didn’t let me play because of COVID-19, which was frustrating because I love playing basketball but I had to respect my parents decision,” Collado said.
With everything starting fresh for the former generals, let’s wish them good luck and success for this season.