The Pandemic effect in Sports A change no one expected

Jemere Shaw

To a senior that played sports all throughout high school, the final season of their career is the most important to them. Due to the current pandemic, all spring sports have been cancelled and many seniors are ending their highschool sports careers with no season.
Their final spring season is where they teach newcomers. It’s also when they show their progress to scouts, when they play their final games, and leave behind a legacy. Not being able to play the spring 2020 season has affected all athletes, but most importantly the seniors. This was their last chance to give it all they had, and it was stolen from them.
Senior, Jalen Lecaro, is one of the many seniors that were heavily affected by the cancellation of sports.
“I feel as though COVID-19 took my last year of baseball away and this season was dear to me with it being my last,” said Lecaro.
With no baseball season, Lecaro is also missing out on his last chance to play with his team. He won’t get the chance to say goodbye to high school baseball and go out with a bang.
“Not being able to spend my last season with my teammates, some of which I may never see again, and not being able to put on my baseball jersey one last time kinda hurts to be honest,” said Lecaro.
This was also their last opportunity to be seen by colleges and earn scholarships, but now it won’t happen.
“I was viewing this upcoming season as my last chance to get a college scholarship to play baseball at the next level, but now it’s gone,” said Lecaro.
Another disadvantage is the inability to get scouted by college coaches.
Senior, Justin Broadway, also spoke on how he felt about spring sports being cancelled.
“Not having any spring sports took away the opportunity for seniors to end their last year of high school doing something they wanted to do,” said Broadway.
Broadway also spoke about how the lack of spring sports affected him.
“Being able to run track my last year was something I was looking forward to doing, but without it now I feel there’s nothing left to enjoy,” said Broadway.
This pandemic has truly had a huge impact on the life of highschool athletes all over, people put in plenty of time and work hoping it pays off, but athletes all over have been stripped of this ability leaving many feeling their years of highschool are incomplete.