On My Block: Season ending with a shock

Kaiya Daughety

For most people, Netflix is a safe space. It’s their getaway and excuse to leave the outside world and it’s problems behind. There are a huge variety of movies and shows on Netflix and one of the teen faves is the show, On My Block.
The show is about four close friends that are starting their high school careers. The only problem is they live in a neighborhood filled with gang violence. It is full of jokes, realistic events, and relatable storylines.
Junior, Nala Paraison feels connected to the show because she can relate and it helps her relax. “I’m a junior in high school so this is one of the most important years of my life. Therefore most of my time is spent stressed out doing my school work. On My Block is one of my only escapes from school, it soothes me and gets my creative juices going,” said Paraison.
The entirety of the show is about the group of high school students who are working together to solve mysteries. They go through the pain of losing family members, friends, and having their friendships constantly tested.
Throughout the first two seasons they go through hardships and stay friends, but the show takes a hard turn on season three. This season has a lot of unexpected moments, some that may alienate fans and leave many with questions.
Junior, Susan Momanyi is a fan of the show, but feels disenchanted with this season’s ending.
“I hated the way they ended the last episode of season three, especially because they were together throughout the entire season. The ending was weird and dumb,” said Momanyi.
Fans were ecstatic to watch the new season because of the attention grabbing trailer that most people viewed. The trailer left questions and also left people eager to watch the upcoming season. But were the high expectations of the season met?
“I was so excited, literally counting down the hours until my favorite show came back on, but after watching it I was extremely mad,” said Momanyi. “It wasn’t just a normal cliffhanger ending, it was a horrible ending. I need an explanation or they need to do a remake of season 3 specifically.”
Season three is an emotional rollercoaster. Many of the things that fans never saw coming happened and with that there is an onslaught of questions. Most viewers do not like the path the main characters end up taking, while others enjoyed the ending.
People do not always have to agree with the way a show ends, but the viewer’s opinion is always taken into consideration when considering the return of a show. While fans like Momanyi and Paraison were left disappointed with this latest season, many are anxious to get the answers to their questions in an upcoming season.

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