Working on a winning mentality

Sami Mohammad

Year after year we get new coaches in hope that they will help our teams win. The boy’s basketball coaches this year are Mark Schroback and Exavior Holland.
Schroback is one of the many new physical education teachers at UACHS. He previously coached at Memorial High School in West New York, New Jersey. He was there for five years and led the team to a winning season.
As for Holland, this is not his first coaching experience. He had been a volunteer coach in the past.
“ Before UACHS, I was a volunteer for the basketball team at my middle school called Harbor Science and Arts Charter School,” said Holland.
As of recently the team has been faced with numerous challenges. After the shooting near Sacred Heart in December, the team had to relocate their practice. This set them back because it was a big change to their training schedule.
Senior basketball player Keith Bracey thinks one way that the team could start winning games is if they start playing together as a team.
“ I think if we start to work as a team and play together, how we should, we will be able to get more wins,” said Bracey. “We’re not a bad team we just make bad decisions and I think once we better our decisions, we will start to win games.”
Holland thinks that the Generals can start winning games by rebuilding the team and working with the underclassmen. He believes that by conditioning them early, they can get better and can have a winning mentality.
“ Honestly it is going to take time but it’s just a matter of rebuilding and working hard,” said Holland.
Schroback thinks another reason for the losses is the lack of experience on the team.
“I think that because of the inexperience, we’ve never been in the best position,” said Schroback. “ It’s clear that we have to gain more experience to get better.”
He believes that the losing streak is the result of the team not practicing hard enough and not giving it their all.
“If we practice harder, longer and start concentrating during practice we can find a way to win,” said Schroback. “We just have to play as hard as we can during the games.”

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