Running With A Purpose

Jemere Shaw

With two new faces at the coaching position, the Generals will be making a lane switch. This year’s 2019-2020 winter track team is coached by physical education teachers, Christopher Pruden and Matt Paladino. As last semester’s cross country coach, Pruden now has some experience under his belt.
“The previous year, I coached cross country, so now after experiencing it I want to help and work with the indoor track team,” said Pruden.
Prudens strategy for the team is to make sure they keep a positive morale and that they are ready to go 100 percent before every race.
“Going into every race I think it’s important for the runners to have confidence, be disciplined, dedicated and determined,” said Pruden.
Paladino will now be lending a hand to Pruden as assistant coach. As a high school student, Paladino was a member of both the wrestling and football team for two years. With his experience as an athlete, Paladino believes he knows exactly what its going to take for his team to perform well.
“In high school no matter the sport, being in shape is a requirement and I believe I have the tools required to benefit the team in that way,” said Paladino. “One of the tools I possess is being able to get runners committed. Being committed is more mental than physical and I know I can get our runners committed.”
Paladino feels that he and Pruden compliment each other’s coaching styles as a duo.
“Pruden is the nice guy kind of coach and I’m more of the disciplinary coach, which works well for us because it creates a balance,” said Paladino.
Senior runner and captain Romeo Suarez also agrees, that both their coaching styles will help complete the team.
“Pruden has coached most of the runners during cross country and Paladino instills the idea that in order to succeed you have to work hard,” said Suarez.
Outside of obtaining medals, Paladino aims to build a positive experience for their team.
“Hopefully this year we can start a new culture from the ground up. I want to change some of the slacker mentality,” said Paladino.
With two new faces at the coaching position, the Generals will be running with a new purpose, and hopefully a new culture.

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