Nussa: A history and travel through language

Breanna Rampersaud

Caridad Morales Nussa considers herself living proof of the history she has lived through. Having grown up in Cuba and living there for most of her adult life, she has witnessed the Cuban revolution, the Civil Rights Movement, has met Nelson Mandela and the last three Catholic popes. While in her 40’s, she decided to travel in order to broaden her horizons as a teacher.
“I love to travel and Cuba had a low ceiling for teaching. I decided to leave Cuba in order to broaden my teaching career; I taught in Europe and now the United States,” said Nussa.
In Cuba, She attended Havana University and studied education, interpretation, and translation. After college, she decided to teach in the countryside of Cuba for a bit. She taught ESL (English as a Second Language), Women ESL and Spanish.
She began teaching when she was a child. It’s something that came naturally to her. She had been playing that role since she was young.
“I wanted to teach because ever since I was little I loved to play the teacher role. I loved to teach everything I saw and learned to my relatives,” said Nussa.
Spanish was her first language and was just as fluent as teaching was. She combined the two things she loved into a career.
“Spanish is my mother tongue so I wanted to teach it,” said Nussa.
She wanted to teach a language in general, because she believes a country’s language is a part of their religion society.
“A country’s language affects the society differently, it can be socially and politically,” said Nussa.
Nussa also believes that language revolves around everything, that is one of the many things that she would like to teach her students.
“I would like to teach my students culture and show them how to apply language to their history and society,”said Nussa.
As she made her dream come true Nussa hopes to pass that on to her students. She hopes to show them that you can make your dreams come true by just using the language you know.

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