No Nurse: The Generals Need a Cure

Jamilla Borrows Mincey

Picture this; you’ve eaten something new for the first time when suddenly your mouth is dry, your skin begins to itch and you realize you’re having an allergic reaction! In this case, your first move would be to find the school nurse. Unfortunately, students here at UACHS have no nurse to turn to. As of late November, we were informed that our nurse was retiring and the school has yet to find a replacement.
According to ,“New Jersey law requires at least one certified school nurse is present in each district. Most districts have more than that, often one per building. “ It is important for the staff and students to have help on stand by. Vice principal, Sean Sawyer, does not recall an absence of a nurse in the ten years he’s been here.
“When I first got hired, we had no nurse until nurse Scotten got hired,” said Sawyer.
Administration is doing all they can to find a qualified person who is willing to fill the shoes as a high school nurse. However, it is proving to be a challenge.
“It is very difficult to find someone who wants the job, we have to find someone thats older and retired because no one really chooses a career for this position“ said Sawyer.
There have been several nurse substitutes and most of the student body feels uncomfortable without the piece of mind of having a reliable source of aid.
Senior, Stephanie Alejo, expresses her concern about strangers knowing her personal health records.
“I don’t feel ok with different people having access to my information. I only have one doctor that I go to when I’m sick, I don’t go visit multiple doctors,” said Alejo.
The purpose of having a nurse in the building is to ensure that if a medical emergency may occur, a trained professional is there to help.
“I agree, a nurse is needed to tend to you guys and that is why we are looking for someone who can stay permanently” said Sawyer.
Although UACHS is a small school, there is also a small amount of staff and only few of them are capable of doing what a nurse can do.
“People such as Mr.Lugo and Ms. Bruce have their CPR certificate so they can help in an emergency until professional help arrives,” said Sawyer.
Administration hopes to find new staff who plan to stay permanently so students will feel comfortable again.

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