Women’s History Month

Selena Nguyen, Staff Reporter

With Women’s History Month coming up in March, it makes one think about how important it is for women to support other women instead of tearing them down. It is a time for women to recognize, and appreciate one another.

Last year was a difficult year for the ladies of UACHS. Every other day there was a 

new issue or fight on the horizon. With it being a brand new year, one would think that it would bring in a new attitude, but the reality is that there have already been various fights. 

 Everytime a new fight video is viewed or shared, it feeds into the idea of violence, mostly between female students. Staff and teachers on the other hand do not condone fighting and can try to change their mindsets. 

Living in this patriarchal society, women often turn against each other, comparing, and carrying a lack of unity. However, developing female friendships at our age is crucial for having and being each other’s emotional support system. Females are meant to stand together with all of the ongoing oppression we face everyday, especially throughout the school.

Freshman English teacher, John Gurbiz recognizes that altercations are not occurring among all young females at the school, but happen repeatedly among certain groups.

“Everybody doesn’t seem to have a trigger,” said Gurbisz. “It’s been within enclosed environments or particular groups that these issues are happening with.”

Instead of going against each other, we should learn about the impact women have made on the world, and see what we as young women can contribute as well. It is also a perfect time to rekindle friendships and uplift each other. 


We have thirty-one days of March dedicated to all the women around the globe. Mothers, sisters, mentors, grandmothers, they all have a significant impact on our lives. Although there is a month highlighted for Women’s History, women should be celebrated everyday.