Delmundo is putting his best foot forward 10 years away 10 year back

Selena Nguyen, Staff Reporter

Born in Lviv, Ukraine and raised in the United States, Leonardo Delmundo is ready to share his love of learning with his students. Delmundo teaches Honors US History and Sociology. He is here at UACHS to teach and show us his love for history.

Since childhood he has loved history and mathematics. Due to his excelling at both subjects he decided to pursue a career in those fields. 

“History was one of my favorite subjects in school alongside math and science,” Delmundo said. “So I always liked the idea of learning about history and trying to convey that to other people, by teaching them.”

Raised locally, Delmundo attended Bayonne High School and Marist High School. He continued his education close to home by attending NJCU where he double majored in History and in Mechanical Engineering. However, like many students here, Delmundo faced a lot of pressure while he was in school. 

“At some point, because it was very taxing academically, I had to drop one of them,” Delmundo said. 

In the end, he overcame his obstacles and earned his degree. In the spring of 2022,  Delmundo graduated from NJCU. He received his Bachelor’s degree in History. It was a big deal for Delmundo to finish graduating and overcome his struggles. 

“I struggled a lot in college. I spent 10 years just as a bachelor degree because I had a lot of problems,” Delmundo said, “I felt like I was being really pressured to choose my major and do well. I guess it’s an Asian parent thing.”

Delmundo understands adversity better than anyone else which is why being an outlet for students is so important to him.

“I think I’ve started to develop a special bond with some of my students and it’s good,” Delmundo said. “I think a teacher-student relationship is needed to be able to facilitate a good classroom; it creates a good opening and welcoming atmosphere.”