Mr.Crawford review

Taraya Edwards, Staff Reporter

Music has changed progressively throughout the years. New sounds appear as new faces step into the music game. Rap is one genre that always changes as new rappers come out. Nocap, also known as thebackendchild, is one of the newest rappers that has just dropped a new album with many types of songs. His versatility is perfect for anyone interested in rap and is also in need of new music or new vibes.

His fans have been waiting for this album since he was incarcerated in January of last year. After he got out of jail, he released when the album was going to come out.

The album debuted with the name, “Mr. Crawford.” It consists of 21 songs and three features. This all while on tour in April of this year. The name of his album is his last name and he uses the songs to represent who he has become after everything he has been through. Throughout the album, he mentions his life struggles, time in jail, and family. His unmatched talents have led him to sell 29,000 copies of his album. The first week of its release, the album charted at #9 in the US. 

Nocap is known for his diverse flows as most of his songs are freestyles. Ever since he signed to the Never Broke Again/Atlantic records label his music has been at its peak. This album drop came at the perfect time. The music is everything fans have been waiting for and I recommend it heavily.