The Moonknight Run Down

The Moonknight Run Down

Kyle Angeles, Staff Reporter

Let me paint the picture, a man using a cane not because he has a limp, a god that pronounces its name like a sneeze, the list goes on. If you fancy action, horror, and using every single brain cell in your skull to understand, like myself and every other Disney Plus fiend, MoonKnight would be right for you. 

This show tells the story of a timid cashier with a love for Egyptian history, Steven Grant. However, he has a split personality disorder and shares a body with lady’s man and mercenary, Marc Spector. Together they are MoonKnight. 

In this season they fight each other, Egyptian gods and their main villain Harrow. From the first few minutes of the pilot episode, confusion and curiosity fills the brain. This makes us piece together what we see and think we know. It pushes the viewer to question what is “sense” or “nonsense.” Marvel fan and valedictorian, Bilal Mazhar, thinks the problem with Moonknight is the pacing of the show. 

“I think the show is confusing when you watch the first few episodes, like you don’t understand the plot until the end,” Mazhar said. “Overall I liked the aspects of the show and seeing the inclusivity of Egyptian culture in the MCU was really interesting to watch.” 

With an Egyptian director and actors, some people believe Moonknight was the first American show to showcase true Egyptian culture. Marwa Shehata, student at UACHS, enjoyed hearing the familiar music and Egyptian dialect while watching. 

“Everytime I would hear a song or hear someone speaking arabic, I was excited because I actually understood it,” Shehata said.

Just like many of Marvel’s productions, you really have to pay attention in order  to understand this series. You must sit back and watch a man run around, in what appears to be bandages, screaming ‘shut up’ to himself. If you’re into a deep dive of hidden meanings and would love a crash course lesson on Egyptian mythology in a British accent, you will be fully pleased with this binge worthy series.