Editorial: Issue 2, 2021-2022

Hannah Ortiz, Editor in Chief

Respect. It’s not just being in uniform and pretending to have all your work done. It’s about respecting your teachers, fellow classmates, and the building that we are in. It’s about choosing the right path because that’s what respecting yourself means. 

We are all here five days a week, eight hours a day, and forty six minutes a class. Even if you don’t like being here, it is still a place we need to show respect. For some people, school is an escape from their home problems; by disrespecting the place and the people inside of it you are adding to the daily stress of the life of a teenager, the stress that many people come here to avoid.

Keeping the bathrooms clean, classrooms clean, and MPR clean is something we need to stay on top of, but it is not the only thing we need to look out for… Staying safe and keeping the students and staff healthy should be our top priority. Not just physically, but mentally as well. 

Respect your classmates. You may not know what another person is going through and causing unneeded and unwanted disrespect is avoidable. Talk to a counselor if you need to. Ask a friend if they are okay. Let’s treat our school and each other with the respect we deserve. Most importantly Rest In Peace Nyzirah Rayzor, you were so loved.