The Weather Outside is Frightful

Hannah Ortiz

Snowmen, snow angels, and snow fights, snow my!

On December 17th, UACHS had their first snow day! Due to the online learning and remote setting, most people didn’t think snow days were even a possibility. Most students were surprised, but also excited for the no school day. 

The idea was first recommended by Erie Lugo, principal at UACHS, and was also questioned by some staff members. The decision making lasted the full day on Wednesday. With the testing of the CMA’s and CRA’s still going on, the snow day would cause us to miss that potential testing day. While state testing is very serious, so is the ten or more inches of snow and stormy weather. The weather itself can cause power outages and in our current situation, power outages are detrimental to online school. The school needed to come up with a contingency plan. Testing has been rescheduled and will be continuing on the 21st and 22nd, of next week.   

Without extending the school year, the school has used one of two snow days that are built into the calendar. While most people had their doubts, Joseph Timpanaro, director of grants and special programs, personally thought the snow day was a great idea.

“I felt the decision was obvious. If students or teachers lost internet, that would’ve been a problem, so caution was best to ensure safety. I enjoyed the snow, I had a good time with my family and dog. I also think the students deserved this day off to enjoy the snow,” said Timpanaro. 

Our usual snow days consist of staying warm inside, cuddling up under a blanket or next to a heater.  However, for some people it meant shoveling and frostbite. Junior at UACHS, Shaun Angeles, believed the snow day was pretty tiresome. 

“I shoveled mine and my neighbors driveways. I at least got paid for doing their driveways, but the jackets I had on did not help. I was cold the entire time I was out there. Other than that, it was kinda fun. I had a small snowball fight with my cousins, but that’s about it,” said Angeles.

While Angeles had a shivery day, Bilal Mazhar, another junior at UACHS, had a good, productive day.

“The snow day was good for me, it gave me extra time for my work, and I had a good time! I started my day by shoveling the snow, then I ate lunch, watched television, and proceeded to do some work,” said Mazhar. 

The whole point of a snow day is for everyone to have a chance to have fun in the snow and spend time with their families. While some families don’t sit around a fire and share some hot cocoa, the memories are all that matters and this snow day gave us a chance to make a few more.


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