This Is Halloween


Shyann Cordero

Once upon a time, there was a strange man who appeared out of thin air. Unexpectedly, then exponentially, he wiped out nearly half the globe. They nicknamed him “the rona”. Life has not been the same since…
Along with other holidays, Halloween has been taken from us due to the unfortunate circumstances of the world right now. Covid-19 has infected and even killed hundreds of thousands of people. It is dangerously contagious making trick or treating and parties not possible safety wise. Fortunately, there are safer alternatives that embrace the spirit of halloween.
One thing to do is to enjoy some quality spooky time with your family; Scary movies, pumpkin shaped candy, and halloween pajamas are all things that can result in a good time. You could also listen to halloween music such as: Andrew Gold’s Spooky Scary Skeletons, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and Danny Elfman’s This is Halloween. Some good family friendly halloween movies are: Girl vs. Monster, Halloweentown, Twitches, Hocus Pocus, and any other Disney or Nickelodeon halloween specials. Some not so family friendly movies are: Scream, The Ring, Saw (and all of its sequels), Hereditary, and Insidious.
Decorating your home could also be a really fun and exciting activity. Buying the decorations and making your house scary really encourages a good halloween spirit. It can make these times feel just a little bit darker (but in a good way).
Another option is kits for decorating sweets, in halloween themes. Dunkin Donuts is selling a halloween DIY donut kit, Walmart sells cupcake kits, and you could make your own with some sugar cookies and frosting. You could make it a competition to see who can make the scariest treat or just enjoy some easy going fun.
Pumpkin picking is a fall favorite and carving or painting them can be a great halloween activity. Make them scary or make them cute, anything goes when we’re talking about pumpkin decorations.
Even though trick or treating is fairly impossible, this should not stop you from dressing up in the comfort of your own home. Have a costume party with your family or dress up for your halloween activities, you could even turn it into a contest to see who has the best one. You could also take some great family photos or just good selfies with some festivity.
Turning Halloween into a care day could also be fun. Getting fun colored face masks and placing pumpkin shaped cucumbers over your eyes could be just the thing to do for those who like a little self love with their fun. This could be a good option for people who don’t celebrate halloween as well.
If all else fails, you can settle to treat Halloween like a normal day. Drink some hot chocolate, enjoy the fall weather, and step back and reflect on how life has changed since March. After months of trying to conquer him, one can only wish that the rona will finally decide to turn a new leaf and retire. Even if holidays are cancelled and all looks gloomy, we as a nation will come out of this stronger and enjoy each day as it comes.