Traditional Meals for Everyone Tired of eating hot dogs and burgers?

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Traditional Meals for Everyone Tired of eating hot dogs and burgers?

Kyla Harris

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Kyla Harris

Traditional Meals for Everyone

Tired of eating hot dogs and burgers?

UACHS has its annual cookout this May, in celebration of the end of the school year. The cookout is used to the school’s advantage in uniting the school whilst having a good time. Yet, some staff and students wonder why the cookout is not as diverse and/or more open to food from different cultures.

Amina Farah, an English teacher at UACHS, was the first to introduce the idea of the cookout, alongside Joseph Timpanaro, Director of Grants & Special Programs.

In previous years, there were cultural cookouts where people would bring different dishes, play music, and wear different pieces of clothing that represented their culture – but the cultural inclusion in the cookouts stopped; the last cultural cookout was in the year 2013.

“It didn’t come to an end,” said Timpanaro. “When people want to do these activities, they come and ask. The last cultural cookout we had not many people participated… we just do things that we think is best for you.”

Since UACHS has a wide range of diverse kids in the school, teachers such as Farah, believe it would be appreciated if the cultural features were brought back to  the cookouts. She thinks that the students being able to share a taste of their culture with one another gives them the chance to learn from one another.

“It is the one day when we can all be African American, Filipino, Dominican, etc.,” said Farah. “It creates a sense of family and belonging; that’ll be the one day we become equally appreciated.”

Cookouts are events used to keep bonds close, combine traditions in a way to keep people together, and set the differences of each other aside. The cultural cookout, would give the school an opportunity to understand one another more and interact as a family.

“Another value of the cookout would be that not only the students but teachers have differences too,” said Farah. “The school barbecue is a celebration that celebrates the school year, but a cultural cookout we celebrate each other.”

After several conversations about bringing the event back into effect, the cultural cookout has been reinstated for 2019. Hopefully it will create a positive opportunity for the students of UACHS to come together and celebrate our cultures as a whole.


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