Con-Prom Reasons Why You Should Ditch Prom

Jenna Ariza

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Jenna Ariza


Reasons Why You Should Ditch Prom

Let’s be honest: Is it really worth going to your high school prom?

Plenty of people have the tendency to say that prom is an experience that everyone should enjoy; movies further this notion often by romanticizing prom in its entirety. Yet, is it as romantic and great as everyone says it will be?

The cost of admission into prom is already around the cost of a hundred dollars. Upon that, students are expected to fundraise for or contribute their own money into prom; at UACHS, this can be difficult (at points) to deal with. Often times, students are highly disinterested and unmotivated to gain the school money for prom even though they paid for their ticket(s). Other times, staff members prevent students and senior advisors from fundraising the money through bake sales and such during the school day.

An article on mentioned that the cost of prom has increased in pricing over the years that it has been going on. The article stated that Betsy Crapps’s daughter’s prom costs ended up totaling to an amount over $400. As per usual, students who attend events such as prom want to be looking their best. Yet nowadays, those who choose to attend prom plan on showing up looking very luxurious.

The looks and outfits may be tempting, but there are other factors that add to the cost of prom, in which may worry those who plan on looking their best. Usually, the cost of attire for both girls and boys rack up to around of $200 or then some (depending on the outfit you choose — otherwise, it could amount to hundreds of dollars).

With respect to some of the girls in high school, there are several other costs that also may come into play. From time to time, there are girls at UACHS who end up leaving school early or miss a whole day of school to get themselves ready the day before prom. In this case, several girls skip out on class to get their hair done, which can amount up to $100 or more. As for those who get their nails done, this price range can vary depending on the type of nail design and shape you desire; these prices could be for a simple manicure of $20 or amount up to $50 or more for acrylics. Accessories, such as jewelry, and shoes are also chosen and considered when picking out prom attire so that the right items could be worn for the event. accessories and or new shoes to match with the dress too.

But more importantly, there is what most girls wear: makeup. Most girls who attend prom end up wearing makeup, whether it may be only a little bit of or putting on a full face. Some high schoolers do their own makeup, which means that you either have to have all the makeup you have at home already or you would have to go out and buy some for the event; either way, this is usually much cheaper than paying for a makeup artist to do your face. Finally? there is also the cost of just showing up to prom. A lot of high school students usually go to prom in vehicles that will be suitable to show up in. Usually, high school students end up renting certain cars, limos, party busses, and such. With all of these extra costs taken into account, it is evident that going to prom is more than just a memorable experience and a $100 prom ticket.

In comparison to the movies, prom does not live up to the hype. Depending on the school you go to, the type of people who will attend prom with you will not always be having fun, partying, dancing nonstop to the music playing, and/or falling in love with their significant other. The food options may not even live up to your expectations or satisfy you. Dating back to last year’s senior prom, it was said that the dishes they served at prom were decent; one dish in particular was “unlimited chicken tenders and fries.” Alongside all of this, being bummed out at prom is possible if you ever become bored at some point in the time that you are there.

Prom is said to be the best and most memorable time of a student’s years in high school — I think otherwise. There are many other ways to end your high school years  with a bang; one in particular would be by throwing your own party or even by going on a last minute excursion with all of your friends. With all the cost factors and possible letdowns that prom cang bring, it can be said that prom is most definitely overrated.


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