Think before you cheat

Shannon Lemmon

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Shannon Lemmon

Think before you cheat

Children are warned to avoid a variety of things such as school fighting, failing, and falling asleep in class, but parents fail to tell children that there is a danger in cheating.

A lot of students think cheating is the easy way out, but in reality all they are doing is cheating themselves out of an education. For instance, there are times when teachers assign homework to reinforce an assignment. One person does the work then texts the images to everyone else for assistance. Who learned the lesson in this case? Not the students that  that copied. Through cheating on assignments, unfairness is created amongst students and it negatively affects those who choose to work hard for their classes. Aquilah Rush, a senior here at UACHS, believes cheating is the wrong thing to do.

“I am afraid to cheat and I don’t think anyone should get credit for someone’s work,” Rush said.

It may appear may appear easier to take the risk of copying someone else’s work instead of working hard and earning it yourself through studying and help from their teachers. Without accurate testing scores, administration cannot properly teach students what they do not know and help them with any assignments they may not fully understand..

Joseph Timpanaro, the director of grants and special programs, feels that the students of UACHS should never cheat.

“Cheating is unfair because it doesn’t give teachers the proper data to determine your skill level and ability, Students that cheat are looked at as lazy, unprepared, and scared,” Tip said.

Due to laziness, students hinder their opportunity at success because they choose not to work hard on their own. A few students may depend on the other students that constantly get good grades, in order to receive a good grade for themselves. Cheating may also be handing in something that you did not create on your own, which in certain instances includes plagiarism, or taking something off the internet and calling it yours. Cheating can be a lot of different things such as a friend helping out their other friends by telling them the answers or using the iPad. On the iPad, students can search up answers on Google to try to get the correct answer.

Students are not afraid of taking the risk of cheating because they don’t think they will get caught. The risk of failing an important assignment scares students more than the punishments of cheating.

Felix Igiri, a senior at UACHS, has experience with cheating from the last four years in high school.

“Cheating is an easy way to get an A in a harder class, which gives people an advantage and helps people pass without working hard,” Igiri said.

Cheating can be taken as very serious and there are consequences that you face. If you cheat at UACHS, you are guaranteed a zero on the assignment and your parent will be notified. Depending on the teacher, you can possibly be expelled. Every school takes cheating seriously. In college, you could be expelled and lose a lot of money.

Due to the consequences and humiliation that students have to face if they get caught cheating, students should stay away from it. Every student is capable of earning a passing grade and can be successful with hard work or even by  receiving help from teachers and/or administration.


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