Leylah Qualo

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Leylah Qualo


It is glamorized in nearly every high school movie. Seniors pick up extra hours at work in hopes of being best dressed, scramble to find the perfect date and scrape up money for the perfect car; senior prom. Prom gives students the opportunity to come together before they graduate to dress up and get together one last time before graduation. Many teachers and students within UACHS agree that it is not an event to miss out on.

“You only get two times to be a princess, your wedding and your prom,” said Rena Singh, a substitute teacher here at UACHS. “Not everyone gets to have a wedding, but pretty much everyone will graduate high school. It’s one of your biggest memories to look back on.”

Prom is a lifelong memory that many may regret not making. Many students agree that it is the perfect opportunity to get together and celebrate their last few weeks of high school, like Senior Jenesis Rivera.

“Prom is really to celebrate our four years of hard work, and you only get one prom.” Said Rivera.

Another reason why prom is not an event to miss out on is the unity it creates. Often in high school, we gravitate towards a certain group of friends. We cannot help it, and chances are you have been with the same clique since your freshman year. At prom, those cliques become almost nonexistent; this is a chance for your graduating class to have fun together, as they might not be able to outside of school hours.

“Prom is your right of passage as a senior. It’s the last thing you can do as a senior, going to prom and having a great night with your class is something you can’t get back.” Said senior Ciarra Gonzalez.

Prom also gives students that appreciate fashion and design the opportunity to showcase their personal styles during prom through their suits and dresses. Seniors often save for months prior to prom in order to showcase their outfits. Junior Priscila Nunez is attending prom with UACHS’s class of 2019 and has spent the past few weeks saving up.

“People say you’re only going to wear that dress once, so why spend so much money? That’s exactly the point, you only have one prom and one reason to go all out, so why not do it?” Said Nunez.

Whether we like it or not, prom is a big deal. There are very few reasons to not attend, as it is our last chance to create irreplaceable memories and ultimately celebrate four years of hard work and dedication.


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