High School Not-So Sweethearts

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Leylah Qualo

High School Not-So Sweethearts

From freshman year to senior year, pressure is applied on students to put all their effort into schoolwork, homework, and after school extra curricular activities. A healthy relationship may be difficult to fit into our busy schedules, or may not fit at all. Juniors Aijanah Thomas and Nyah Wheeler believe although it’s tough, healthy relationships are possible when there’s a balance.

  “It’s rare, but it’s possible. You just have to respect each other’s time,” said Thomas.

   The difference between an unhealthy and healthy relationship is hard to spot. Is that shirt really too revealing? Do you really have to take that picture off your social media? Should you really cut ties with your best friend of the opposite sex?  

According to the Huffington Post, “The minds of adolescents are not fully developed and therefore are not capable of knowing what is or isn’t beneficial in terms of romanticism at the time.”

  “We’re still maturing. It’s important to really get to know the person before getting into a relationship,” said Thomas. “You have to know what they value about you and what you value about yourself.”

   Overall, it’s vital that both boys and girls feel secure, happy, and respected in relationships. A toxic relationship can make students lose sight of what’s important as their social lives and academic responsibilities clash.

   “Encourage each other and make sure you make time for yourself,” said Wheeler.

   When in a relationship during this time in our lives where we’re learning and growing, it is important to set boundaries in order to prepare yourself to create better, healthier relationships past high school and even college. Giving your significant other space to grow will allow the same for you, making this dating thing just a little bit easier. UACHS guidance counselor James Valentine describes the most common signs of a toxic relationship that we may overlook.

   “When there is no communication and everything hits the fan. Negative vibes,  never being on the same page. Constant arguments and disagreements,” said Valentine.

   It is important to put yourself first before any relationship you may find yourself in while in high school. Letting your boyfriend/girlfriend affect your biggest decisions, or even constantly affecting your littlest decisions is not healthy. Putting someone else before your own needs is not healthy.

   “Treat them the way you would want to be treated, be honest, be respectful, be supportive,” said Valentine.

  While dealing with your boyfriend or girlfriend throughout these 4 years, it is germaine that we don’t lose sight of our goals in and out of school as we step into the dating scene. Controlling your most overwhelming emotions such as jealousy, anger, and confusion is essential as we juggle our school work, social life, and healthy relationships.


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High School Not-So Sweethearts