Today’s Leaders, Tomorrow’s Educators

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Kyla Harris

Today’s Leaders, Tomorrow’s Educators

UACHS Young Men and Women’s Leadership Academy welcomes students and staff from all over. The program that has been running for five years is administered by Clarence Coach C Collins and Sean Sawyer.

The Leadership program was a way for Sawyer and Coach C to educate students on things that are not usually taught in classrooms.

“The Leadership Academy was started to create an opportunity to develop skills in our students outside of the classroom setting,” said Sawyer.

Sawyer decided to make the program on Saturdays to ensure that students wake up with a fresh new attitude to learn something new and exciting, aside from what they learn on a regular school day.

“We chose Saturdays so we could have a fresh day where they can focus on just learning skills, not academics. We [also] have more time to go over things,” said Sawyer.

Coach C also noticed the lack of leadership in the kids and wanted to build a more comfortable environment and a better relationship with the students so they can feel free to express themselves.  

“I saw kids following people from the front and the back so I thought the kids needed a bit more outside of the common core classes. I needed to build a better relationship with them in a bully free no judgement zone and what better way to do it [than] to do it here with all the other staff and kids,” said Coach C.

So far the program has made an impact on certain students. Students who come into UACHS progress to become more approachable and outspoken in order to become more successful.

“Seeing kids like Lameck and Timothy, kids that came to us as introverts, they were highly intelligent  but they had no connections and were very limited to their approach in group settings. Now I see that these kids are off running, joining programs, doing community service and signing up for things on their own,” said Coach C.

Lameck Nyambane, a junior at UACHS, agrees that the program not only benefited him as a person but helped him form many connections.

“I believe that the leadership program has not only helped me develop as a person, but it increased my connections with others,” said Nyambane. “ There was a saying I heard before, ‘it is not what you know, but who you know’ and I feel that this program is the embodiment of this quote and more,” said Nyambane.

Sawyer and Collins also bring in guest speakers to give off a positive message to the kids and motivate them.

“People I choose are based upon what they have impressed upon me that they have a good message to give out and I can share with the students,” said Sawyer.  

Collins also mentioned why he personally chooses guest speakers. “It just ranges because now you are talking about the relationships I have built with individuals not knowing that I would use them later on in life. I just knew that when we crossed paths there was a meaning behind it. Depending on the kind of week we are having whether someone got killed or whether its civics, I would have a counselor or business person come in,’’ said Collins.

There is a famous quote that Collins has implanted in the students who attend the program.

“When you walk into a police academy, you come out a police officer, but when you walk into a leadership academy, you come out a leader.”







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Today’s Leaders, Tomorrow’s Educators