I’m Going Through Changes

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Leylah Qualo

I’m Going Through Changes

Big mouth is a controversial Netflix series based on a topic we’re all too familiar with; puberty. Besides the basics such as acne and sudden changes in our bodies, the show touches sensitive topics like sex, hormones and  even the first kiss.

Big Mouth enthusiasts Andrew Lester and Justin Forde-Billy see the show as a potential  source for information on the raw topics addressed in the series.

“It could be a good learning tool if sex-ed teachers wanted to use it in class. I didn’t even know a lot about what they talked about and I’m a senior,” said Lester.

Many question whether or not the show’s content should be considered appropriate even though it discusses what [teenagers] go through everyday. Should we shy away from shows that dive into puberty, or leave it to the educators? UACHS’s sex educators see the benefit of a show of this nature.

“Shows like that I don’t think hurt kids,” said sex-ed teacher Nicholas Morris. Some grow up in houses where their parents never talk about sex.”

Aside from sex and puberty, Big Mouth includes episodes that involved insecurity, self confidence, self healing and more. This is a great benefit to the culture of our youth and gives the audience a chance to lighten up at the idea of our “awkward phases”.

“I really don’t think it’s too inappropriate to make light of some stuff, as long as it’s not too vulgar,” said Morris.

 Everything on the spectrum from being gay to every girl’s first menstrual cycle is discussed in various episodes. The audience is frequently informed about puberty and what comes with it, followed by humor that although it is considered crude, it is truthfully nothing less than brutally honest.

“Kids our ages are having sex, and it’s telling us a lot about it. There is a lot that teachers can’t really say in class,” said Forde-Billy.

One thing that makes people comfortable is the ability to relate. Even the most seemingly inappropriate topics were relatable throughout the series, making it one of Netflix’s most successful series of the year.


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I’m Going Through Changes