Lady Generals Scores Again

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Keith Bracey

Lady Generals Scores Again

As the basketball season slowly approaches, students are talking about how the last season ended. There were many points throughout the season that were recognized both on and off the court. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Last season, the UACHS Lady Generals had a great season. Even with the ups and downs, they still managed to stick together and dominate as a group.
Starting off with UACHS’s very own pep squad leader, sophomore Latasha Ellerbee, was there for most of the games.

“I feel as though that they had a great season for the school,” said Ellerbee. “The team is really good as a unit and throughout all the losses, I’ve saw them stay together no matter what.”

The Lady Generals never gave up on each other and remained a team until the season ended. Many wonder how it felt to be the leader of the basketball team, and what it took to earn the position. Senior, Mya Smith, spoke on her experience of being the leader of the Lady Generals.

“You have to work hard to try to be a good player,” said Smith. “I have taught myself how to shoot and brought my talents for the team and ever since then, I have been a reliable person for the school.”

As many people have been there throughout the season, they watched Smith grow as a player.

Being a former player and having your season cut due to physicals or injuries can cause a person/group of people to feel different emotions. Former player, Ashanti Gourdine, is a UACHS junior who was unable to play this past year.

“I didn’t get my physical in time to play in the season which is kind of boring,” said Gourdine. “There is nothing to do.”

Talking to people who ended up graduating from the school playing basketball can be used as some help on what to come and what to expect for years of playing basketball. Formal player, Imani Resto, reminisced on her playing days and on what you should expect when joining the Lady Generals.

“I loved it even though I played one season throughout my high school years,” said Resto. “The girls and I and stuck together and made me feel welcomed. If I can go back and do it again, I would.”

Many would agree that UACHS’ upcoming basketball season is set to be a interesting season with new players, plays, and opponents.


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Lady Generals Scores Again