Real Friends, How Many of Us?

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Jessye Greene

Real Friends, How Many of Us?

  When you are young, you believe everyone is your friend. When I first met this girl, we got along right away; I thought we would be friends forever. She and I talked everyday about almost everything – the only problem was she hated that I spent time with other friends more than her. She started acting different and became very jealous. She constantly went around the school starting rumors to break any and every friendship that involved me.

At that moment, I knew that she was a toxic friend. A toxic friend is someone who takes advantage of the other friend in the friendship and comes off as selfish, fake, and overbearing.

  Shamira Marion, a junior at UACHS, explains what a toxic friend is to her.

“A toxic friendship is when your friend is jealous of your other friends,” said Marion. “Toxic friends are people who only want you to be friends with them and no one else. They always seem to create problems with anybody you hang around besides them.”

Toxic friends tend to have many noticeable characteristics.  Like not being supportive, untrustworthy & might have a very low self-esteem. Jamilla Colbert, a junior, experienced having toxic friends in her life and saw many common and similar characteristics between them.

  “Some toxic friend characteristics are people not being genuine and not being loyal when you are not around. Also people that get you into drama you have no business in,” said Colbert.

Some say even your closest friends can become toxic.  Chantanaija Guerrero a junior at UACHS, thinks that the  moment they begin to slander your name is the moment that they start being toxic.

“Sometimes friends can become toxic. They can become toxic if we get into silly arguments  with each other and they start to talk behind your back or tell other people your business,” said Guerrero.

  Zyirah Curry a sophomore at UACHS, who has opinions on how to simply avoid toxic friends.

  “You can avoid a toxic friend by just removing yourself from whatever the situation is. You can talk to them and tell them how you feel and do you. But if they can’t accept that, then they were never your friends from the beginning,” said Curry.

Curry tells how you would know who a true friend is. A true friend is a person who knows you better than yourself and they do things in your best interests, whether or not you are in a crisis.

“A true friend is someone who will always be there for you through your battles and help guide you through them. The people who support you and tell you what is right from wrong and love you no matter what. A true friend also checks on you to see how you are doing and will ask if you are alright and help you through things. A true friend knows you better than anyone and is your #1 fan,” said Curry.

Friendship goes beyond just sharing time together, it’s something that should be long lasting and taken seriously. Do you have a true friend or a toxic friend?


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Real Friends, How Many of Us?