UACHS Graduates: The First Year

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Jenna Ariza

UACHS Graduates: The First Year

From attending UACHS, majority of students know that they have the advantage of attending NJCU with a full four-year scholarship, with the requirement of having at least a 3.2 GPA. As for some UACHS students, there is no doubt that some make the choice to attend other universities/colleges despite the available economic opportunity that the school gives them.

To some students, they are not aware that the full four-year scholarship at NJCU only pays for the tuition; students are expected to pay for textbooks and other supplies on their own expenses. As for NJCU’s facilities, they are always available to students – as well as trips and the events.

Christian Binoya was a UACHS graduate who attended NJCU because of the facilities, transportation, and economic opportunities it gave him. He emphasizes that students should still be aware of and research other colleges/universities so that they can pick the college that is more suitable to them based on what majors they offer.

“[NJCU] can give you a great college experience – especially when you are hungry for gaining all the help they could possibly give out,” said Binoya. “There are a lot of opportunities as long as you are willing to look for it.”

To Binoya, he feels that NJCU is just as good as any other branded college but has a better price offering to its students. He wants UACHS students to know that although there is possibility of getting the Presidential Scholarship (full four-years paid in full), it is important to know that attending the college will not make you have a completely debt-free college life.

“Most Grants and scholarships are definite types of money given to you and in return, they only have certain conditions, like maintaining a good GPA,” said Binoya. “Loans are also an option but from what I have learned, it’s best to avoid it because you do have to owe it back.”

Wendy Lam, a freshman at Rutgers University (Newark), was a UACHS graduate who ranked as the valedictorian class of 2018. She chose to become an undergraduate at a different university other than NJCU because of how it allowed her to branch out and interact with new people in a new environment. Rutgers University covered her entire tuition and in return, she was able to receive a refund check of how she had unused money left over.

Lam wants students to know that NJCU is not the only option for having a chance to attend college at a reduced/low price. I understand that it is important to keep the idea of how a student will finance their education for college in mind, but it is also the student’s decision for choosing which college they believe offers the best programs that they are interested in.

“I believe that it is possible for any student to attend Rutgers University, even if there are financial problems,” said Lam. “The school does offer methods such as the opportunity to do work-study to help students finance their education.”

From attending Rutgers University, Wendy Lam believes that highschool is “definitely easier”. At times, she finds it difficult to keep up with the lessons that the professors are teaching.

“The workload for college is manageable,” said Lam. “I [try to] absorb as much information as possible from every class and teach myself outside of class to ensure that I understand the material.

Gabriel Amante, a freshman at NJCU with a presidential scholarship, was thankful for the economic/financial opportunities that his university gave him. He was relieved from a number of financial stress, which includes: loans, transportation, and more.

“Annually a student has to pay approximately $12000 to attend NJCU,” said Amante, “In comparison to Saint Peter’s University, NJCU’s tuition is half the price.”

At the moment, Amante is unsure about his future career – from there, he decided to only take general education courses; by following this process, it allows him to not worry about credits later on in his college years. Compared to highschool, he thinks the majority and extensive amount of classes that students have to take is unnecessary.

“In college, you get to pick what you want and you can schedule your classes so it fits in with your work schedule and more,” said Amante. “It’s very flexible and can benefit you for the most part.”

Based on the advice of many graduates, it is evident that all graduates agree that UACHS students (or rather, high school seniors in general) should try to attend a university that would best suit them, their interests, and careers. Many would agree that it is also important for students to get good grades, SAT/ACT scores, do more planning and careful applying, and more in order to reach their goals and recommended/accepted for scholarships.


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UACHS Graduates: The First Year