The Effects and Relevance of Senior Mentoring

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Jenna Ariza

The Effects and Relevance of Senior Mentoring

For years, UACHS has held a tradition of recruiting senior-year students to mentor freshmen students. Based off of how senior mentoring has been going on for years, many students wonder if whether or not senior mentoring is effective and/or necessary.

Towards the beginning of the year, announcements are made on school loudspeakers announcing to the last-year high school students that they are eligible to sign up to become a senior mentor to some of the freshman. On average, senior mentors are assigned two to three freshman mentees; as for the mentees, they are assigned mentors by random.

In previous years, some students may agree with how senior mentoring is unnecessary because of how many of the freshman mentees never met their senior mentors. While others may see senior mentoring as something that does not teach mentees any of the freshmen high school tips, some find senior mentoring as a way to become more sociable and/or for being educational.

Tykhil Greene, a senior, is a student who mentors three students: Jeremy Verzosa, Quylee Wells, and Michael Wenzel.

Greene felt inclined to become a senior mentor because he thought about how his senior mentoring could guide some of the freshmen. He believes that although someone may not know what someone else is going through, it is always best to assist and support them anyways – hence, his work in assisting some of the younger students.

“You can help them by giving them someone to talk to, assistance in homework, teaching them how to open a locker – there are many things,” said Greene.
Despite others’ views of senior mentoring, Greene feels that the school should keep senior mentoring as something for the students to follow along with in the upcoming years; in his eyes, the mentoring has been helpful since some of his mentees have talked to him about some of the issues they have been dealing with.

Although Greene feels that senior mentoring is great for guiding the freshmen, he thinks the staff should implement a change in the rules for both the seniors and freshmen to follow. Some of these changes include how changing the rules would cause the senior mentors to be more engaged with their mentees.
“Our freshmen will be seniors in a couple years,” said Greene. “If we show them how to mentor and be role models, they will do the same to others.”

As for a Ineesha Hill, who is listed as a freshman mentee, thinks that the program needs to verify that a senior mentor who is signing up truly wants to sign up. Hill believes that the freshman mentees should be able to pick their mentors; such as, mentees and mentors could be better matched based on what their likes and dislikes are.

“Honestly, I don’t know who mentors me,” said Hill. “My mentor… never came up to me; instead, I had to find her.”

Despite Hill’s experience with senior mentoring, Hill hopes that senior mentoring will continue for years to come. She thinks senior mentors helping their mentees would be beneficial.

“I feel like senior mentoring was a good idea but there needed to be more organization and accountability for it to work right,” said Hill. “It should continue though but this time with more structure.”

Hill, who has three more years to decide, is open to becoming a senior mentor. Hill believes that being a senior mentor would give her the opportunity to help out the supposed future freshman mentee(s) she would have.

“What if they don’t have somebody they can talk to at home or anywhere else and don’t feel comfortable talking to the guidance counselors at school?,” said Hill. l

“This gives them a chance to get advice from somebody older, but not too old where it’s uncomfortable – like a big brother or sister.”

Although some, like Greene and Hill, may see senior mentoring as beneficial to the first year students, it is clear that changes need/must be made. Many would agree that as long as staff members keep up the tradition and make the changes necessary, the alterations to senior mentoring will bring changes for the better, such as making it easier for mentees and mentors to meet one another.


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The Effects and Relevance of Senior Mentoring