Push Harder to Pass

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Jamilla Burrows-Mincey

Push Harder to Pass

The school year has just begun and some students are in jeopardy of failing their classes due to their frequent latenesses. Here at UACHS, students must attend school on time and maintain good grades in order to be successful; administration would like students to take this more serious because of the impact latenesses have on a student’s GPA.

Sean Sawyer, the assistant principal of UACHS, has witnessed students come in late for the past 10 years.

“Attendance is about motivation, it has to become an obligation for students to help them succeed” said Sawyer.

UACHS usually begins their classes at 8 am. Some students show up much later, whether it’s because of light rail times or oversleeping, it causes them to miss out on their instructional time which is why the attendance policy is being reinforced.

Students who are not on time at least three times will result in their latenesses turning into an absence. Some who walk into class exactly at 8am still have a chance of being marked late. As soon as the bell rings, the door is closed and you’re instructed to get a late pass. Even if you come in exactly at 8am, you will still be marked late.

Louis Gallo started as an English teacher at UACHS but has been working as the “attendance coordinator” at UACHS for over 14 years.

“Students should know by now that they have to get here earlier to avoid being late, they have to focus on their life managements and set the foundation right now for their future,”  said Gallo.

Many kids get distracted in the morning when waking up for school, not realizing how much time passes when they are doing other things.

“Kids need to put their phone down in the morning and wait until they are situated to check their  notifications” said Sawyer.

Many students live approximately 1-3 miles away from the school and have trouble getting to school on time.

Justin Forde-Billy, a junior, lives 10-15 blocks always from the school. Forde-Billy does not have reliable transportation, which makes it difficult for him to make it on time.

“I don’t get up early enough, it takes me about 25-30 minutes to get to the school if I don’t get a ride,” said Forde-Billy.

Also, students that are starting the year well are being affected by the stricter/more reinforced rules.

Malaysia Williams is a freshmen that has good grades and tries to follow the rules. However, she comes to school late on some days, which is affecting her grade,

“I am passing but because of my lates and absences, I might get an F for the marking period,” said Williams.

If students are absent, UACHS has a make-up work policy where teachers give students a day to make up an assignment. However, students still fail to hand in work, giving the teacher no choice but to put an incomplete in the grade book.

“When I’m absent, my friends would get work for me and give it to me after school but I forget to bring it back to school the next day,” said Forde-Billy.

Since grades have closed for the first marking period, several students noticed the academic and attendance mistakes they made. In order for students to improve themselves in the next marking period, it is clear that they have plenty of work to do starting with getting to school on time.


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Push Harder to Pass