Straight Out of Ivy League

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Safa Mostafa

Straight Out of Ivy League

Some teachers never expected to be where they are today. However, David Kimmel decided he wanted to be a teacher before graduating high school.

Coming from a different environment than Jersey City, Kimmel grew up in Bridgewater, New Jersey. Being raised in the suburbs, Kimmel enjoys teaching in an urban environment where he sees a lot of potential

“I grew up in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia,” Kimmel explains,”It was relatively quiet.”

UACHS has not  had a student graduate and go to an Ivy League college. Kimmel is hopeful that he can help his students do that.  

“I see a lot of students who have the potential and capability of going to an Ivy League college,” said his students.

“I grew up in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia,” Kimmel explains,”It was relatively quiet.”

Coming straight out of Princeton University, he advocates that because the school has a large budget, a lot of financial aid is available.

“I feel like most people don’t know that Princeton has some of the best financial aid,” said Kimmel.”Most students who graduate from Princeton don’t have any debt.”

He was one of the students who graduated without any student loans. According to, 82% of seniors graduate without any student debt. 100% of families with incomes come up to $180,000 qualified for financial aid.

Kimmel teaches US History II and Economic Literacy and so far is enjoying his first full time teaching position at UACHS.

“I appreciate that students come in uniform and start class ready to learn,” said Kimmel.

Kimmel knew when he was a sophomore in high school that he was going to be a teacher. “I wanted to be the kind of teacher I respected and learned from” said Kimmel, “I enjoyed teachers who challenged me but at the same time gave me guidance when needed.”

On Kimmel’s free time he enjoys relaxing by watching movies, reading books and playing a plethora of video games.

When he’s not teaching Kimmel’s plays video games on his Xbox. “[I like] all video games,” Kimmel, “I play things like call of duty.”

Kimmel hopes to be there for his students when they’re in need of academic and personal help. He would also like to help the top 20 of the graduating class apply to Ivy League Colleges.

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Straight Out of Ivy League